What are Tent Cards and Types of Tent Cards

What are Tent Cards and Types of Tent Cards?

Table tents or tent cards are triangular-shaped display cards. These are folded in such a way that, we can read from both sides of the card. Tent cards are mainly used for advertising, promoting the products. The designing of table tent cards can be done on flat card stock which has fold lines to provide as guides in making the card. When the card is folded, then two shades of the card will show the promotional layout while the next side gives as the base.

Table tent cards are efficient marketing tools which can be simply seen by many clients. The designing of these cards mainly depend on the featured image and outline your desire to put. But you shouldn’t forget that the appearance of these cards has an effect on its entire design. For instance, vertical design is more suitable for a bottle image. Likewise, many examples are there. But be innovative in decision making on your card design.

Types of Tent Cards

Tent cards are classified into different types, available in different shapes based on the businesses.

  • Wedding tent cards
  • Four Sided Tent Card
  • Custom Full Color Table Tent Printing Vancouver
  • Three-sided table tent card
  • Product Display table tent card
  • Full-Color Custom Table Tent
  • Die-Cut Table Tent
  • A-Frame Table Tent with Lock
  • Pre Locked Frame Table Tent

How are Tent Cards useful?

Tent Cards are very useful for different businesses in advertising or promoting their products like bars, restaurants, salons, spa, gyms, departmental stores, boutiques, retail outlets, and eateries. These cards assist in promoting directly to the consumer for enhancing sales.

Tent Cards Designing and Printing at Creative Communications

We at Creative Communications ensure your requirements are met with better value tent cards. Our table tent or tent card designs are suggestive with a good finish. You can get by ordering your own design or choosing to get a customized tent card model from other designs. Don’t be anxious about the tent card price also. We propose you the choice of getting tent cards in different colors as well as models. So you can make an order of your printable tent card plan to your correct requirements.