Advantage of Online Marketing – Selling products online

Online Marketing –Overview:

Every product is designed or manufactured keeping in mind the interest of the consumer. The main goal of designing or manufacturing a product is to sell and make a profit out of it.

What is Market:

The typical economic definition of the market says; a Market is a place where a buyer and seller meet together to fix a price for a particular commodity. But when we eventually look at this definition, online marketing and makes it very simple through a mediator (Stores and retailers also). We live in a post-modern world where society is dominated by digital media. Gone are the days where we were dependent on going to a particular place to purchase a commodity. Today the internet world has influenced mankind where we get products with just one click. Digital marketing or internet marketing has occupied almost one-third of selling range with one click.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing refers to using technology such as the internet, website and email, SMS, including its wide variety of options and tools to conduct your marketing activities and achieve your marketing objectives.

Concept of E Marketing:

The objectives of marketing are to :

  • Get the right product
  • Promoted in the right way
  • Sold at the right price
  • Distributed at the right place
  • Profitably
  • Profitably

Examples of e-Marketing include:

  • Online surveys to conduct market research
  • Web site to display and sell your products
  • Internet advertising to promote your business
  • Software to collect and analyze your customer information

How would e-marketing enhance marketing plan:

  • With the use of internet-based product catalogs, you can reduce your printing costs and maintain a higher quality of product information for your customers.
  • By utilizing marketing information systems you can analyze your sales information to make more informed decisions and customers all over the world can view your products with a website.

Can my business afford e-marketing?

  • The cost of e-Marketing depends on which strategies you choose to implement.
  • Any business can start using simple e-Marketing techniques such as email, newsletters, computer-based data management, and internet research by purchasing a computer and connecting to the internet which can be achieved for a low price.
  • Businesses can also spend huge amount utilizing the services of a professional e-Marketing firm to create and implement a complete e-Marketing package. The choice is yours!

Why is Marketing Process Important:

  • A comprehensive marketing process and resulting Marketing Plan is critical for the success of your business.
  • An effective marketing process should provide you with the information, strategies and solutions to any and all obstacles you might encounter along the way in building and running a successful and profitable business.